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Classes are held at Dublin / Fremont / Milpitas / Santa Clara/ Sanjose and Sunnyvale, CA 





Level 1  - Beginner level ( On stage performance is optinal)


Level 2 -  Eligible for company's on stage performances 


Level 3 - Eligible for  company's on stage performances & community events


Level 4 / BetaBytes Team -  Eligible for  company's on stage performances, community events & celebrity events

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Information for the students who are already registered for classes :


Before coming to the class, know your 4 Ws. Read the content below to help you make the most out of the class.



When to arrive ?

Arrive at least 10 mins before the class.



What to bring ?

Bring water bottle, towel and mat (optional).



What to wear ?

1). Comfortable clothing that does not hinder body movement. Fabrics that breathe, rather than those that retain body heat.

2). shoes, preferably athletic or dance shoes, with proper design, support and cushioning.



What to expect in :

Bolly-beats class ?



1) Class introduction and announcements by the Instructor. Approx 2 mins.

2) Warm-up: Low intensity exercise with complete body stretches. Approx 5 mins.

3) Dance Choreography: With our easy to follow teaching methods, you will learn the dance moves for an entire song or a medley,before getting into the rhythm of dancing to the tunes. The moves will be taught by replaying portions of the song multiple times.

4) Followed by cool down. Includes stretching exercises to relax your muscles along with body/mind relaxation techniques. Approx 10 mins.

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