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JBeats Competition Crew Dance Program 


BeatBytes Competition Crew Dance Program gives dance enthusiasts a platform to learn and train in various forms of dance, its fundamentals and intricacies. The crew is trained by Smita Basak, known for mentoring technically and theoretically flawless dancers. The emphasis is laid on complete and impeccable knowledge and training to produce the most versatile dancers.

Through the course of one year, the focus is given on extensive training which offers a wide array of dance styles (Ballet, Modern contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Lyrical, and Broadway) giving them access to several big shows along with a wonderful experience.


The highlight of the course is best ERP (Educational Return on Time) due to its innovative teaching methods.


JBeats @ Corporate 

Participants learn their favorite dance styles in a customized workshop that caters to their preferences. Easing hectic work schedules and professional stress, we spread the joy of dance to working professionals in their corporate space! JBeats Corporate Dance Program’s goal is to add physical activity and dance movement to the lifestyle of working professionals.

“The importance of physical fitness, health and exercise”


JBeats Fun Workshops

Jbeats dance classes  are run throughout the year. Jbeats team holds short term samplers and workshops in various styles to introduce new dance styles or focus on a particular style.

The duration ranges from six to twelve classes with an onstage performance opportunity at the end of the workshop



Dance Styles


Bolly Beats

Learn hip bollywood moves to latest & evergreen song remixes of bollywood hits.


Fusion Beats

A blend of international dance performs like Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Salsa, contemporary, break dance fused with bollywood hits.


Desi Beats

 Learn folk dances from India like Garba, Raas, Kolata, Bhangra ….


Aero Beats

Combination of Dance & Excercise


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